IJBEES Vol. 2 No. 3, 2013 ISSN 2277-4394

    Sr. no.Title & author(s) namePage no.
    1Disease severity and diversity among Actimycests isolated from diseased potato
    Gholam Khodakaramian and Nasim Khodakaramian
    2HPA-1b Gene Polymorphism in Coronary Artery Disease Patients with Myocardial Infarction in North-east Peninsula Malaysia
    Lim Seng Hock, Aditya Nath Shukla, Rapiaah Mustaffa, Narazah Mohd Yusuff, and Zurkurnai Yusuf
    3Effect of Thermal Power Plant Emissions on Biomass and Chlorophyll Pigments of Brassica juncea
    Mohammad Saquib
    4Towards a Technology Roadmap for Carbon Capture and Management for Qatar
    Abdelbaki Benamor and Abdelwahab Aroussi
    5Evaluation of methane production and biomass degradation in anaerobic co-digestion of organic residuals
    Kwanyong Lee, Phrompol Chantrasakdakul, Daegi Kim, Han S. Kim, and Ki Young Park
    6Characterization of Pattern for Predicting Ultra Violet (UV) Effects in Environment Data Management System (EDMS)
    M. Amir Abas and M. Dahlui
    7Enzyme Immobilization Using Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
    Yanasinee Suma, Numfon Eaktasang, Ki Young Park, Myung-Seok Choi, Chang Wan Kim and Han S. Kim